So you have a big event, maybe a wedding? Or you want a review of your own makeup habits. How do you choose a qualified makeup artist? The first basic step would be talking to friends and co workers for a recommendation. You can search the web for professional artisans in your area.

Take the time to read the reviews that past clients have left on the site. Many makeup sites have “stock” photo’s verses their own work, so be sure to ask if they have done the work personally that is displayed on their site.

Once you meet with the makeup artist, do you like him/her? Are she/he listening to you and understanding clearly what you want?

After selecting a your specialist, here are some tips for a smooth makeover.

  1. Is the makeup artist professional? Are they on time, pulled together, makeup on?
  2. Do they have a portfolio or photos for you to look at?
  3. Do they have a clean, varied makeup case? You want to see that they follow basic sanitation at the very least; do they have disposable applicators etc?
  4. Are they able to give you references? This is really important if it is bridal makeup you’re looking for. Bridal makeup has unique camera issues that require specialized skills.
  5. Are you offered different “looks” for your event?
  6. Can you book a trial makeup session? This is very important for Weddings in particular.

Make sure when you book your wedding trial makeup that you choose a day that you can really test the makeup. Maybe your bachelorette party, anything that will mimic the time of day, the eating and laughing that will typically go on in a wedding day.

If the event you need a makeup artist for is important, then so is taking the time to find the right person for you. The last thing you want to worry about is your makeup.

Relax knowing you did some research and you are in the right hands. I hope you follow our tips and find the most qualified professional just for you!

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