Lining Inner Rim of Eyes – Frequently Asked Question & Answer

lining inner rim of eyeIs Lining Inner Rim of Eyes Safe?

I often get asked, “Is it really safe for me to line the inside rim of my eyes?”

A. There are a few concerns when lining inside rim of eyes. Make sure that once you line your eye that you always sharpen the pencil  or clean your brush after lining your eyes. This will avoid contamination ( if you had an eye infection or virus let’s say) for the next time you use your pencil.  Using baby shampoo to clean/take off your eye makeup is a good idea as you can gently clean the inside rim of the eye of residual liner ~ no tears. Please note, do not wash your face with baby shampoo however. It is great for the gentle removal of eye liner and mascara only.

Secondly you need to be very steady so you do not poke yourself in your eye. No kidding this can happen. It is probably the biggest risk to lining the inner rim of eyes.… Read more

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Only Fix the Mistakes

I recently attended a class in which the instructor said over and over, “Only fix mistakes, not the content of your project.” Wow, that statement really hit me. What I see in my studio every day are women who take the power of makeup and use it against themselves. What do I mean by that? These women want to change the content (their natural beauty) and not just fix the mistakes (perceived imperfections.)

We know that enhancing ourselves with makeup can help us be perceived in a better light. But too much makeup—used to mask the real you—can be damaging to that perception. Makeup should enhance you, express the real you to the world. Good makeup sharpens the focus and can allow you to naturally feel better about yourself.… Read more

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Get The Look

Create this soft sexy look for the holidays.
Apply Sensational Eyes (sparingly)  to your entire lid up to the brow bone. Smooth. Apply Silk Stocking shadow to the entire lid.
Next blend Park Avenue shadow from the center of the lid out and halfway up into the crease line in a sideways V shape. Add to the depth you want by layering that shade and blend well. Line the upper lid with Absolute Black pencil liner. Smudge that line with your tiny end of the mini detailer brush loaded with Mad Hatter shadow ~ taking that same color and smudge under the lash line. Enhance that line with your Absolute Black pencil. Apply Silk Stocking just under the brow bone. Apply 2 coats of Black Mascara.
Apply Blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend to soften.
Bronzer has been applied to the outer perimeter of the face

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Blush Pink And Be A Natural Beauty

 Choose a color that inspires you from nature. I have this beautiful pink Hydrangea that if I was  better with the camera ~ you would see the soft pink tone inside the deeper pink  blooms. It was my inspiration for Pale Hydrangea Blush. I love making makeup ~ I am not limited to colors that are market pre-packaged.… Read more

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Do You Know a Real deal?

The Real Deals

Think You Know Where The Deals Are ?

I was home cooking dinner last night and I grabbed for my Garlic Salt and found it was empty. Now that doesn’t seem like a monumental event but it was. We bought that Garlic salt back in the 80’s when Costco ( then called Price Club) opened. My husband loved the big box store and shopped as much as he could. We started joking when we couldn’t find him in his favorite chair ~ that he was cheating on me again with P.C. ( Price Club) Maybe you can relate to this.
I wondered last night ….. hmm “was this a good deal for us”? I did live long enough to go through the Garlic Salt but there next to it on my shelf is an equally large Cinnamon. How do we as overworked, stressed to the max women make our way through this maze of true deals?? I think the answer is it takes a village. So I will be sharing websites and coupon specials with all of you in the next few newsletters. What I’m asking from you is to please share what you know to really maximize the saving for all of us ….Do tell!… Read more

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Do you know the dangers running loose in your hotel room?

Think Your Safe From Hotel Hazards? 

I was home working in my studio a few days ago and decided to treat myself and tune in to the Doctors. The topic happened to be the most bacteria ridden items in a hotel room. Well I had seen an episode of  Dr Oz months earlier on this general subject and felt confident, I knew it was the remote. My husband and I had just recently traveled out-of-town. I came prepared with a large Ziploc bag that I promptly deposited the remote in. I loved feeling that in addition to folding down the bedspread I was so clever (and safe) from the remote. Well that little “treat” watching the Doctors sent me reeling. I had other clear and present bacteria dangers that I never considered…..   So here is the list of the dirty little secrets. 

  1. Do not use your water glasses that are in the room unless YOU wash them in hot water. The glasses are not always washed or replaced by the cleaning staff.
  2. Do put your remote in a large Ziploc bag as that is one of the most touched items in the room. With the Ziploc you can see to operate it but no germies to come into contact with.
  3. The ice bucket is to be avoided. For one thing it is also not washed out but the worse bit of information (I will never be the same) many hotel guests that par take in the bubbly or just plain get sick ~ use the bucket!!! Some hotels offer a plastic liner …. Did mine?
  4. Sometimes the bed is not changed if it looks clean to the staff. We already know what is living on the spread but I was not concerned about the sheets.Yikes!  I am going to be ordering a beautiful new Silk Sleep Sack today. Or I may choose a Cotton Travel Sheet. Theses sheets actually cocoon you ~ so you do not come in contact with the hotel bedding.
  5. Buy a good supply of disinfectant wipes and carry them with you right into the hotel bathroom. The last tidbit of information shared was ~ the toilet brush is used from the toilet bowl to the counter and tub, everything Yuck!.


Now I have to say on my trip I used my disinfectant wipes on the plane to wipe down the pull down tray as I learned that people actually change baby diapers there. I wiped down the arm rest. The man sitting next to me appreciated it too. I carried my Ziploc for the remote ~ but these other threats were not on my radar. I will be a different traveler this summer season however. If you are thinking that this only happens in the B-List Hotels you’d be wrong. 

Looks Perfect

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Best Makeup

I was just about to kick off my shoes and relax but there it was ….Best Makeup in Sacramento contest again. We have been blessed to have taken that honor two years in a row. The down side is the stress that accompanies it. It was lovely to be nominated the first year. I really felt it was enough just to be thought well of and nominated. A funny thing creped in however. We wanted to win! Next came shameless promotion (actually begging). Contacting all my clients, friends and family became a new full time job. The bright side of the contest was reading how just B Cosmetics and our staff has impacted our loyal clients. So here we go again … if you think we are the best makeup please vote

A listRead more

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What the World Needs Now

With the flood of new clients that walked through my door this last month due to my newspaper article on re-mixing cosmetics ….I have had a mind shift. So many of the clients brought in heaping bags of unused items. Really unsure what to do with them, they looked to me. I thought okay, “What do you like or not like about this color etc”. To my surprise many had no idea.  My thought shifted from doing to teaching makeup. We need help with the “how to” of makeup rather than a new shade or the latest product. So here are some simple tips to really “B” the best you can be in the makeup world.

  1. Do not purchase makeup in large sets. If you cannot use 90% of the items it is not a deal, it’s a steal (from you).
  2. Go to an expert for advice on your face shape, eyes and the makeup that would enhance it. That one step can save you hundreds of dollars (and for some of you thousands). You would not think of fixing your car or appliances without an expert and your face is no different. Feeling confident with your face forward looks,  can change how you feel and interact with the world ….really!
  3. Try it on. Sample a new lipstick or eye color before you purchase it. Let it settle on your face for a few minutes to see if it changes. If you are in a retail store take a walk outside to see it in natural light.
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Makeup at the Oscars

Oscar Makeup

Okay we sit in front of the TV with our comfy robe and slippers maybe a glass of wine and judge the women at the Oscars. Actually we spend the next few weeks rehashing what was a thumb up and better what was a thumb down. What was it in the Celeb’s makeup that we loved this year? Hands down we feel in love again with the glam of Sandra Bullock’s retro look. The bright lips with the clean makeup was a look that we can see ourselves in for our special nights out. Celebrity Red Carpet hairstyles that took our breath away were that smooth wavy side parted glam of days gone by. In addition to Sandra Bullock, Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet sported that look. Stunning!


The missed the mark looks for me… I hate to list Charlize Theron but sadly her “bull’s eye boobs” were distracting. I think she is beautiful and flawless and I do expect a lot of her, but this was a miss for me. I know its couture and was a great dress, wonderful color …granted , but pleeese!  We cannot concentrate.

 My next miss was Jessica Parker. Her hair was not smooth, too big for her small body. The dress again couture, yum! Makes my case for who cares what it cost if it doesn’t work for your body …..Don’t wear it! Jessica needed to be 7 inches taller at least to wear it.

What do you think? Who was a hit and who was a miss for you? Leave your comments. We love to talk and re- hash this, just let me grab my slippers!… Read more

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Buy wrong makeup?

Buy wrong makeup? ‘Mad scientist’ Brenda Azevedo recycles it into a flattering tone – Sacramento Living – Sacramento Food and Wine, Home, Health | Sacramento Bee

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